The week off to study-The Wednesday Wall

Wow, I’m liking this full-time study malarkey. No wonder Uni was easy I only had to focus on one thing. It’s definitely easier to spend more time focusing on issues and go into more detail when you have longer.

I’ve spent time trying to ensure I get the easy stuff right. I have also tried to review number properties but have come to the conclusion some of the information is not useful and I don’t care why k is divisible by 5 rather than 7.  Yes, this makes me a bad student.

I am even making the most of the free time getting in some exercise, I went for my second run of the week, but by goodness that was painful! But hopefully the next run will be slightly easier.

Overall the week of studying had been off to a good start, I’ve actually studied and not done too much faffing in the house. well-that was Monday and Tuesday, it all changed on Wednesday. I hit the wall.  I am bored!!!! I’ve had very little human contact for 36 hours and I’ve done a fair amount of work and very little chat!  I’ll be honest its driving me a little nuts.  If I’m not careful I’m going to be annoying work friends of lync system to get some chat. Actually, I’m about to pop the hood on the work laptop and do exactly that.

But before I do that I’m back off to learn about Combinations and how many ways you choose five people to sit on a person committee.  Yep I lead an exciting live.


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