Not going to America

I Sat by the phone and waited; and then waited. Nothing. (In reality I spent the day freezing in Salem.) I Finally got an email but couldn’t even see the outcome of Duke’s decision until I got back to the hotel to use my computer.
Final outcome: didn’t get in.

I’m ok with that. In recent weeks I was was thinking how to balance working and paying off a £100,000 loan and in ideal world getting married and having kids. I just couldn’t think how it would work. Yes all my uni friends are laughing their socks off as I make that statement. if I went to an American uni I would 35 before I graduate. And I would want kids before I was 40. That’s Very limited time to pay off loan as I don’t think these loans allow you to take maternity payment holidays.

The other reason why I’m ok. After going to a HBS class I wasn’t in love with the experience. The girls hardly talked; and the class was really young. I want to learn from people who have a bit more work experience. A part time MBA might be a better fit.

So I won’t be reapplying next year. In its current format my American adventure is over. I’m very glad I tried. For me the journey is as important as the destination.

Upside my hockey team will be happy.

But the MBA dream lives on. Next step the part time MBA.



8 responses to “Not going to America”

  1. domotron says :

    Sorry to hear about Fuqua. Best of luck on your part time MBA apps

  2. thirdworldgurl says :

    Hi Sarah! I just came across your blog. It’s funny that now that I’m done with this agonizing and lonely application process, I’m now finding all these blogs that could have been so helpful. Sorry about not coming to America, perhaps you could look into INSEAD? They have a one-year program and their classes tend to be older and more experienced then the US classes. Best of luck in the future!

    • sarahrs81 says :

      thanks. Love the INSEAD programme; however as a monologist their language requirements are a big stumbling block. Where did you get into?

      • thirdworldgurl says :

        I got into Cornell and Dartmouth and I’m still on the waitlist at Columbia. Applying to 6 schools has its advantages I guess, so long as you don’t lose your sanity along the way. Language requirements for INSEAD are a bummer

  3. Ellie says :

    Sarah…sorry to hear that. Hope this experience gives you a lot of fodder to ace the PT MBA apps, especially given your work ex. good luck!

  4. Lucas says :

    Sorry to hear that. All the best with the PT MBA applications.

    Interesting comment on the HBS class. In the one I attended way back in 2013, the women spoke up in class as much as the men did, and were very forceful in defending their positions.

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